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Ria Hartley – 1/4 Coda children of domestic abuse

“100 children drink water from the same well. 98 children become ill, the doctor prescribes medicine for each child. The children continue to go to the doctor with the same symptoms, and take the same medicines over the course of their lives. Why has no one questioned what is wrong with the water in the well?”  (Dr Nadine Burke Harris, Centre for Youth Wellness)

8 million people in the UK (24.4% of people between the ages of 16 and 59) have been victims of domestic violence and abuse and 25% of young people have witnessed at least one episode of domestic violence and abuse by the age of 18 (Early Intervention Foundation, 2014) These statistics are proportionally high in the UK alone, but childhood adversity is a global issue, and is now being understood as a public health crisis in the USA. In a time of austerity where resources to support intervention, prevention and healing are rapidly disappearing through financial cuts, what are the consequences for our society’s future if we do not create healthy, safe and sustainable environments for the development of children?

1/4 CODA is a creative artistic research & development enquiry led by Ria Hartley & Rudy Loewe, exploring the current political, social and cultural debates surrounding domestic violence in the UK. Through dialogues with ACE specialists, healthcare workers, researchers, DV services, front line workers, youth boards, survivors and activists, we endeavour to disseminate our findings through visual form & direct action.