Future's Venture Foundation


The middle-English poem Piers Plowman has been used and appropriated by radicals and revolutionaries since it was written in the 14th Century. In it, the main character dream-journeys across England in search of the right way to live when he sees all around him structures of power that are riddled with corruption and falsehood. Sound familiar? Hedgespoken is a travelling off-grid storytelling and puppetry theatre run from the back of a vintage Bedford lorry. Their mission is to reignite old enchantments hiding at the edges of things and bring wonder back into the greying world. In 2018, they will take their 21st century re-working of Piers Plowman on a series of two-week encampments on commons and disused land as a piece of captivating, transformative, radical community theatre, involving local communities in the creation of their own productions and hosting conversions between diverse and often-antagonistic groups about the contentious issues of our times such as: Why have things gone so wrong? and What really works to make change happen…