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Farzana Khan – Voices that Shake

Voices that shake! work to reduce and repair the felt harms of colonialism and its legacies of systemic violence and structural racism affecting young POC and marginalised groups in the UK.Building in a pedagogy and practice of intergenerational dialogue to combat structural and interpersonal violence and harm affecting marginalised communities. Recentering these voices through Art & Media,  to challenge dominant narratives, to embolden and voice their solutions, create a language to heal and embolden our communities.

Voices that shake run intensive courses, continuity programs and provide upskilling and mentoring using spoken word, music, zine-making and film. Our most recent course in october was a multi media and arts intensive on Surviving the System: Building Ecologies and Economies of Resistance. Read about it here https://www.voicesthatshake.org/survivingthesystem-building-economies-ecologies-of-resistance/