Future's Venture Foundation


The work of the Foundation is based on principles agreed at the first meeting of Trustees in 2015. This manifesto forms the ethical basis of all our decisions. Awards are only given to work that clearly supports the ethical and environmental ethos of the Foundation.

The manifesto outlines the basis for a new arts charity (Future’s Venture Foundation) arising from two legacies: that of Lanternhouse which closed in 2012, and before it the world-renowned Welfare State International. The charity has been endowed by the sale in early 2015 of property owned by Lanternhouse International.

It tells us that the art we support:

  • Changes the dominant social, environmental, economic and political narrative
  • Maintains a radical voice and focusses on content and process rather than ‘outputs’, ‘outcomes’ and ‘impact’.
  • Explores methods of genuine participation without compromising the autonomy or integrity of the artist
  • Intends to make a difference: a positive contribution to society, the environment and culture
  • Promotes sustainable living, rather than sustainable development
  • Listens, responds and reflects
  • Is not subject to the limitations and coercions of public and most other funding agencies
  • Maintains a dialogue for futures thinking, exploring the potential to work between, across and beyond all creative disciplines
  • Seeks partnerships, collaborations and networks
  • Adopts adaptable processes and forms of engagement appropriate to the needs of the situation
  • Remains dynamic, organic, ecological and rhizomatic in its approach throughout its life.